Timing Controller Solutions

Generation 2

flashless updates, local uploads, supports Aurora Mb ePaper
watch TCM in action on our video!

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PicoSign e-Paper displays

internet enabled signage displays, connecting with Wifi, PoE or GSM
easy to install, easy to operate through mypicosign.com panel.

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University of Bristol and MpicoSys awarded with

HiPEAC Collaboration Grant

funded grant is to workout low-power/low-energy
techniques in code optimizations based on MpicoSys devices.

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MpicoSys developed


numbering system that wins
German Design and AIT award

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Volume application of MpicoSys

Timing Controllers

Volume application of MpicoSys Timing controllers at Media Markt
in the Netherlands

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World's Largest ePaper Sign

at United Nations Headquarters

eWall is an interactive wall made of 231 e-paper displays, which can be treated as a one huge display to present meeting agendas.

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PicoSign is an universal signage system that combines the advantages of ePaper displays with the convenience of standard Internet connectivity..


Display Labels

Display label requirements on power, robustness, reliability, and volume pricing make a good fit with the MpicoSys technology and experience. By now, a large variety of labels has been developed.


Timing Controllers

ePaper Timing Controller Solutions provide timing controller (TCon) functionalities for ePaper panels. The MpicoSys solution allows a quick and easy integration with your host system, minimizing the cost and time-to-market.


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    Christmas shopping can bring plenty of happy moments. One of these moments we have experienced in a MediaMarkt in Poland where we have spotted...
  • Constructors’ Park in Gdynia
    As of November 18th, 2015, Constructors’ Park was opened. This new facility, at the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard, offers space for creators...

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MpicoSys develops and engineers, for various companies and organisations, and for their own products.

  • Fast and cost-efficient time-to-market for innovative demonstrators and products
  • Modular approach and availability of modules with state-of-the-art technology
  • Supply chain providing fast and reliable routes to products for small and high volume
  • Support and quality teams ensure high quality products and an easy implementation
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