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Ticto badge presented to Flanders and Dutch Prime Ministers

MpicoSys developed Ticto badge was shown in the main news program of Belgian TV: VRT “Het journaal” Tictopass identifies those in the crowd who have authentic credentials and permissions with state-of-the-art smartcard technology. Ticto CEO Mr. Johan Vinckier has presented the device to The Minister-President of Flanders Mr. Geert Bourgeois and Dutch Prime Minister Mr.…

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Experts in ePaper displays

In Copenhagen, ePaper panels with drivers provided by Polish experts display timetables on bus stops, and at the UN headquarters, there is the world’s largest ePaper display sign modified by them. Those who enter the UN headquarters in New York are welcomed by 6 metres wide information panel, which displays the agenda. This striking eWall, or…

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