World Leading experts in epaper and realtime passenger information

Easy to integrate Eink technology and modules for passenger information

Simply add your CMS to our open frame IP65 Eink display module, 2G4G GSM module and Solar charge controller for easy integration with your housing and system.

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turning your epaper ideas into reality

Get your idea fast to market thanks to 23+ years in Eink material and 18+ years of experience in design, development and product delivery.

Realtime Passenger Information, electronic price labels, luggage tags, solar powered and no-battery solutions, custom products, IoT applications and services and many more.

PicoSign 3 up ePaper display Shoesdeal by MpicoSys

YES, OUR SOLAR powered products help SAVE the earth

But our no battery solutions are even better for the environment.

Like for Casala, we designed, developed and still produce thousands of Zifra - NFC updated, no battery - electronic chair numbers, now 3rd generation, since 2010.

low and no power – boring – products that just work

Our challenge? Products that use lowest power technically possible.

Embedded, scalable and reliable like our Eink timing controllers, enabling frontlight, graphic libraries and enables -15°C updates already in 2014 by using our own waveforms.

Eink 31.2 display B/W low power driver - timing controller - by MpicoSys

SIGNAGE IS CHANGING towards sustainable

More and more tenders have environmental criteria

High energy consumption will be a no go in the near future. Any sign – indoor and outdoor – can soon swap energy-hungry LCD, LED and OLED displays that are
'always on' for epaper, no energy untill change and no hindering light emission.

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We keep your products safe with Penta testing, our security experts love to be challenged.

With experts in IT security and 'in depth' knowledge of materials we are able to provide friendly hacking of products and help with security items like avoiding fingerprint spoofing.


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