First IoT network using LoRa® standard in northern Poland

The first LoRa® standard wireless network became operational in the city of Gdynia in northern Poland. The network is dedicated to Internet of Things devices that use ultra-low-power radio modules, allowing several-year device operation without replacing the batteries. Devices connected to LoRa® Gdynia network exchange data with applications running in the cloud. LoRa® Gdynia follows…

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MpicoSys at InfoShare

MpicoSys is presenting it’s products and technologies at InfoShare, the largest East-Central Europe Technology conference More info: InfoShare news

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IKEA visits MpicoSys

MpicoSys has been chosen by IKEA representatives as one of three companies to present its technologies and achievements. We were proud to have the chance and give presentation on MpicoSys products as well as lead brainstorm on ePaper use at IKEA products. Frank Esman (MpicoSys) presents to IKEA

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