MpicoSys offers full custom product development and production for electronic cards or labels.

Robustness, reliability, and volume pricing make a good fit with the MpicoSys technology and experience in electronic labels and access cards. By now, a large variety of labels for a wide range of clients has been developed. Innovation, robustness, reliability, and volume pricing make a good fit with MpicoSys capabilities, technology and experience in labels and access cards area. Consultancy by our CEO and CTO on card production, security and software options is highly appreciated .

  • Highly experienced in epaper and labels since 2001
  • Design, engineering, development
  • Consultancy - like full day workshops leading to paper product and initial business casee
  • End-to-end development to customer specifications
  • Own team and supply chain available for delivery of finished products in low and high volume

MpicoSys enables full custom development and supply of finished products, apps and backend systems. But is also able to run backend as a service (like our busstop information system).




Thinking of adding epaper or eink material to a label, ask MpicoSys!

We offer many years of experience in design and engineering as well as support on production of cards. Due to the confidentiality of the projects we are not able to show the full range of displays we have been involved in. With the PicoLabel we have a range of labels that reflects our competence, also in use of smartcard or passport grade security. As NXP gold partner we have access to all products and knowledge of NXP products.
Please do get in touch with us if you have

  • An idea for a custom label
  • An idea for a secure label with a smartcard controller
  • A product - label - that is not reliable enough
  • A product - label - that is not stable enough
  • A product - label - that is not secure enough

So choose your:
  •  ePaper / Eink display size
  • Need for power - battery or no battery
  • Interface (NFC, RFID, LPWAN, BLE, other)
  • Need for memory on the device
  • Type of casing and graphics
  • Buttons required
  • Security (we offer from none upto passport grade smart card controllers based)
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Own additional requirement
    Or just send your requirements
One of the first labels - 2007

SWID label project with fingerprint



Your advantages

  • Access to competence in low power, no power embedded systems and ePaper technology
  • Access to MpicoSys project management enabling timely product introduction
  • Access to many years of practical experience, application know-how and market expertise
  • Access to knowledge and integration of the latest technology
  • Access to MpicoSys solutions team for low and high volume production

(Let us know what we can do for you)