Customized products

MpicoSys offers customization services to its own products

• Tuning existing products
• Adding software functionality
• Extending hardware functions
• OEM versions
• Customer branded products

MpicoSys own customizable products


• Logistic labels – warehousing, transportation
• Badges – identity, authentication
• Door signage – offices, conference centres

Electronic paper displays differ vastly from standard display technologies:
• Perfect paper-like readability regardless of lighting condition or viewing angle
• No power required for displaying static information
• Barcodes (both 1D and 2D) fully recognizable by standard equipment
• On-device image generation based on templates and graphics library

• No batteries required
• No cables, no recharging, never out of batteries – labels are fully sealed
• Built with well-proven RFID technology
• Interface for computers and smartphones using the NFC standard




With the different methods to connect the display panels to the Internet and the ease of interfacing software, there is a PicoSign solution for any of your signage needs. It can be used for door signage for conference rooms, offices or hospitals, Point-of-Sales sign for special offers or showing a workschedule for teams. The use of PicoSign displays is only limited by the imagination.

PicoSign has already been implemented in some surprising ways. The company offers a variety of custom designs and choices of wireless protocols, power supplies, functionality and casing. One of the best examples is the PicoSign Wall at United Nations headquarters in New York.


• Easy publishing by using PicoSign printer driver - ‘print’ to the display
• 480x800 or 1024x1280 pixels resolution (black and white)
• Optional multiple display & tiling possibilities
• Internet connectivity with one user interface and a suitable connection
- Wired connection – Power over Ethernet (POE): the minimal installation solution
- WI-FI connection with 1-year battery lifetime*
- GSM-GPRS connection – for long distance connectivity like outdoor applications
• Any application can generate an image for the displays
• Images are distributed to the displays through PicoSign webserver
• PicoSign comes with a free cloud server, local server installations are optional
• High level of internal security measures to block hackers & eavesdroppers.


Your advantages

  • Access to strong focus and competence in low power, no power embedded systems and ePaper technology
  • Access to MpicoSys project management enabling timely product introduction
  • Access to many years of practical experience, application know-how and market expertise
  • Access to knowledge and integration of the latest technology
  • Access to MpicoSys solutions team for low and high volume production

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