MpicoSys  was the first to introduce WIFi and POE updated connect and play Eink displays. Ideal for messaging, visitor or customer information, room signage, meeting room signage.

  • WIFI and POE updated displays

  • Easy updates via any internet connection

  • Available in 7.8", 9.7", 13,3" and 31.2" display size.

  • Available as OEM or custom product - development to customer specifications

  • Battery driven or POE powered

  • Heartbeat settings enable use without change of batteries for over a year

  • Also available as complete (E)walls (see our installation at UN New York)

MpicoSys enables full custom development and supply of finished products, apps and backend systems. But is also able to run backend as a service (like our busstop information system).


PicoSign - WIFI and POE updated Eink displays

PicoSign-133-Wifi ePaper signage - connect and play by MpicoSys

PicoSign - the first connect and play Eink displays since 2015
PicoSign is the universal signage system that combines the advantages of electronic paper displays with the convenience of Internet connectivity.
Connect and play via POE or WIFI.

WIFI updated displays with batteries that can last for over a year
Battery driven (4 x AA) displays that make best use of E Ink display technology. Manage the heartbeat via to achieve a batterylife that can be for longer than a year.
We are able to drive even the 31,2" with 8 x AA batteries due to our MpicoSys low power driving, but as you can imagine for this large size of display one year lifetime is not applicable..

Mypicosign content management
Manage the content of your display and easily add images to your display or displays via mypicosign. An annual fee is applicable.

Online or On premises server
Easily manage the PicoSign or a lot of PicoSigns online with mypicosign or via our rest api. For larger installations there it can be an option for a 'local' or 'on premises' server.

Available in POE and WIFI with 7.8", 9.7", 13,3" and 31.2" Eink display size.

image: Ludwigsburg Germany 7-up 31.2"

Also available as eaper - ink - namesigns

Next to general information or customer information the advantages of PicoSign also fit other uses like guest information at hotels or restaurants, or visitor information at the entrance of buildings.
For our customer AVEX we developed custom epaper namesigns, now in use at the city of Amsterdam.

PicoSign namesigns at city council Amsterdam

Ask for our customizations and eWalls


eWall at UN headquarters in New York
231 7.4" displays


PicoSign productsheet

Your advantages

  • All advantages of epaper - calm - non intrusive - no light pollution
  • Plug and play units - easy to install
  • MpicoSys developed low power driving for low power displays
  • Manage heartbeat and achieve one year or more batterylife
  • WIFI with Enterprise security
  • Also available as eWall - epaper wall

(Let us know what we can do for you.)