The Epaper Passenger Information System (EPIS) is an innovation where key competences within the MpicoSys company come together. Exceptional 18+ years of experience with eink material, its driving and 5+ years of development on the current server enabling multiple updates per minute using solar power all year round.

EPIS was in 2014 the first ecological and passenger friendly technology to provide real-time information for passengers at busstops of the public transport lines in Copenhagen (Denmark). The digital bus system consists of Eink displays installed at the busstops and a 2G4G network infrastructure to deliver real-time digital bus stop  (countdown) information to the displays, with updates 3 to 4 ! times per minute.

EPIS is perfect for timetable systems, realtime and static route information, bus traffic message boards and other public transport communication systems. The MpicoSys developed low power system can, in combination with the self developed solar system, work of-the-grid - year round - without changing batteries.
The realtine passenger information system is the only embedded system on the current market, enabling enormous reliability and scalability.

Our customers are integrators and transport companies that prefer not to invest in the demanding epaper product development, but buy from a volume player in the market that continuously invests in new features, displays and ever changing components in their aim for lowest power.


                           1-up 13.3"                                  2-up 13.3"                                 1-up 31.2"




Enjoy an embedded system - extremely reliable and very scalable - typically using only 0.25W

KEY ADVANTAGES of the MpicoSys EPIS system

Fully embedded system

  • Reliable and very scalable

Image based

  • Allows complex content like images and logo’s
  • No language barrier – no issues with Non-Latin characters - Chinese and Japanese will work
  • Suited for both “static” information signage (like timetables) and real-time passenger information

Lowest power EPIS System in Realtime consumes typically 0.25W !

  • LTE - 2G4G MpicoSys developed lowest power communication unit
  • Solar and battery operated
  • Solar system optimized for winter

                    EPIS 2-up 13.3" in Dubai

Reduced Data rate

  • High volume enabled - scalable - server options for lowest power and data rate
  • Factor > 10 reduction by image chunking

Wide operational temperature range

  • Refreshes from -15C to 65C
  • Readable at all temperatures

Proven Reliability

  • Experienced 99.98% uptime since 2014


  • HTTPS interface for API


  • Variety of Eink display sizes (ranges from 9.7” to 31.2”)
  • Up to 6 displays per sign (any size)

Weather proof – vandalism protected

  • Security glass
  • Anti-graffiti film

Full control with EPIS monitoring system

  • Display, data and content
  • All telemetry of solar and battery online available

Survive the winter on batteries with EPIS  low power solar system and charge controller

Where other solar units or chargers on the market are optimized for summer MpicoSys decided to optimize for winter in the aim to survive the winter without changing batteries. This resulted in a low power unit with MpicoSys characteristics.

  • Lowest internal power consumption 1.2mA (market standard 10 mA)
  • Highly efficient – especially in low light conditions
  • High light – 95% efficiency (market standard 60-85%)
  • Low light – 80% efficiency (market standard 0%-30%)
  • Full power telemetry over RS485
  • Status of power supply (voltages and currents)
  • Health of battery and solar

Low power solar charger using pne tenths of regular solar chargers

MpicoSys low power
solar charge controller

Open frame modules - IP 65 - suit any existing housing
To enable use of existing housing and easily comply with the visual guidelines of transport companies or cities the system is also available as open frame modules.

  • IP65 display unit with integrated MpicoSys controller protected by MpicoSys double glazing technology
    • State of the art frontlight (homogenuous, no hot-spots) - 9.7"-13.3"
    • Built in light sensor
  • MpicoSys developed lowest power 2G4G communication unit
  • MpicoSys developed lowest power Solar unit - optimized for winter
  • Communications unit as well as (combined) server options


Outdoor Display module - 9.7 Eink
MpicoSys double glazing technology

Backside Outdoor Display module - 9.7 Eink
MpicoSys driver protected by double glazing



2G4G communication                             MQTT 2G4G communication
module                                                       module


Lower the amount of support calls with EPIS MONITORING SYSTEM

During the years we have learned that there is a need for a monitoring system, as end customers react immediately on passenger complaints about non functioning digital busstops. With the monitoring system a quick analysis can be made on if the busstop is connected, what image is latest on display, when is latest data sent to the disisplay or if there is an issue with power. Easily accessible for integrators as well as the bus companies. Within seconds an overview is produced of all live displays and solar unit and battery.
Key features

  • Current content - have a look at the image on display
  • Data delivery to the display - latest and expected data
  • Temperature of the display
  • Light sensor performance
  • Solar unit performance
  • Battery state and performance

OEM and CUSTOM HOUSING available

One of the advantages of working with MpicoSys on digital timetables is the flexibility of the modules and the system. But we also offer customizatons, something we are good at and really like to. The EPIS system is available as OEM product and can be incorporated in a custom - just for you or your end customer - housing.


Your advantages

  • Reliable and scalable system (we call it 'boring', it just works)
  • Eink material: impressive paperlike readability and 180° viewing angle graphical system - anything can be shown on the displays, images, routes, info on other busstops, issues, QR codes
  • Lowest power: ePaper only consumes low amount of energy when changing the image
  • Easy deployment anywhere – off-the-grid, solar powered, place and play, ideal for remote digital busstops
  • Embedded product - very reliable and highly scalable
  • Lowest power in the market – MpicoSys own low power driving of the E Ink displays and choice of communication, system uses 0,25 W
  • MpicoSys developed low power solar unit (1,2 mA iso regular 10 mA) enables years of operation – end of life of the battery is the limit
  • Realtime passenger information with Lowest data rate – due to own display driving and data caching techniques
  • Works in below zero temperatures - MpicoSys introduced updates at -15 C in 2014 - forget about heating, our driving is the key
  • 9+ Years of server development – with the largest E Ink digital busstop installation in the world, since 2014
  • Readable at all temperatures, updates from -15C upto +50 C
  • Non-intrusive light – no 'light pollution'
  • Modulair IP 65 system - easy to implement and install - replace existing displays
  • No battery changes in winter - use MpicoSys developed low power solar charger
  • Easy connect to your CMS via rest API

(Let us know what we can do for you.)