MpicoSys offers low power Epaper timing controllers

  • Own low power driving - MpicoSys technology

  • Available for 7.8", 9.7", 11.3", 13.3", 28", 31,2" and 42" Eink display

  • Available for various displays from Holitech and Pervasive Displays

  • Enables quick and easy integration with your product

  • Highy skilled engineering help for integration available

  • Own supply chain for low and high volume

MpicoSys enables full custom development and supply of finished products, apps and backend systems. But is also able to run backend as a service (like our busstop information system).

Low power drivers available for 7.8", 9.7", 11.3", 13.3", 28" and 31,2" Eink displays



MpicoSys ePaper driveers - Timing Controller Solutions - provide timing controller (TCon) functionalities for electronic paper panels. The solution for each of the panels provides identical functionality, command set, and physical interface.

The MpicoSys ultra low power solution allows a quick and easy integration with your host system, minimizing cost and time-to-market.

We offer a range of controllers for suppliers like E Ink and Pervasive Displays, but ask for the available controllers for electronic paper of other official vendors like Pervasive Displays, Holitech and China ePaper (DKE) and enjoy the ultra low power option by MpicoSys.

MpicoSys TCMs for 13.3" Eink display and 31.2" Eink display

Key features:

  • Flashless updates
  • Partial image upload
  • Support for Aurora Mb ePaper material

Low power drivers - timing controllers - available for 7.8", 9.7", 11.3", 13.3", 28"and 31,2" Eink displays

Some challenging timing controller projects from the past

Sony smartband talk - driver by MpicoSys

Casala Zifra epaper - no battery - seat numbering system

Ask us for supported displays.

Your advantages

  • Access to extreme competence in low power, no power embedded systems and Eink technology
  • Access to MpicoSys project management enabling timely product introduction
  • Access to many years of practical experience, application know-how and market expertise
  • Access to knowledge and integration of the latest technology
  • Access to MpicoSys solutions team for low and high volume production

(Let us know what we can do for you.)