Increase connectitvity with our IOT Lab

IoT - An oft-cited study  from tech researcher Gartner shows the number of IoT devices more than tripling in the next few years. By the end of this year, the estimate is for 6.4 billion devices to be in use. That swells to nearly 21 billion by 2020.

Low power and security as key competences

IoT is all about connecting to the internet  and low power. Key items in MpicoSys strategy, competences and knowledge. And more than that, as security, one of our specialties, becomes more and more important.

We are fast in complex projects

Over the years we have built up such knowledge that we are able to do not only rapid protoyping, but even technically complex projects faster than expected. We like to wow you in speed, quality, security and low (or even no) power consumption.


Our facilities

In our premises we have easy access to our own Lab, as well as Faraday cage and Climate Chamber, enabling initial as well as extensive testing of prototypes. Our solutions team enables small, medium and large volume production of electronics, casings, and complete products.