Durable Low Power Medical Solutions

Internet of Things and medical appliances and products are coming together in MpicoSys' low power products. We are able to add low power, and quite often ePaper, to existing and new exciting products and services. Vast knowledge and experience in low power and electronic paper, the ability to design and engineer product and backend, as well as  produce complete products and solutions are keys for success in this area.

Adding ePaper to medical logistics

Assignments in cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies to add electronic paper, tracing, remote update and highest security to clinical trial logistics.


Adding ePaper in pharma production

Assignment in cooperation with major pharmaceutical company to replace paper labels with electronic paper in clean laboratory and production environments.


Improve patients use of medication

ePaper-solution for more insight in as well as secure way of tracking use of medication - for patients, pharmacists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


Your advantages

  • Access to strong focus and competence in low power, no power embedded systems and ePaper technology
  • Access to MpicoSys project management enabling timely product and service introduction
  • Access to many years of practical experience, application know-how and market expertise
  • Access to knowledge and integration of the latest technology
  • Access to MpicoSys solutions team for low and high volume production

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