Mediamarkt – Volume Application for MpicoSys Timing Controllers

The first LoRa® standard wireless network became operational in the city of Gdynia in northern Poland. The network is dedicated to Internet of Things devices that use ultra-low-power radio modules, allowing several-year device operation without replacing the batteries.

Rolled out in the last half of 2013, the first volume application of MpicoSys Timing controllers is now fully operational at Media Markt in the Netherlands.

The MpicoSys timing controllers for the 4.41″ and the 7.4″ ePaper displays are integrated in a new, fully graphical Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system, where the Media Markt is a pioneer implementation.

With the graphical ESL system Media Markt can provide both up-to-date pricing for all products but also correct technical information all from a central location. The system is being used to launch a Dynamic Pricing strategy as is advertised in their commercials:

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