Celebrating 4 years of using ePaper – E Ink for realtime passenger information, still largest installation for digital busstops worldwide in Copenhagen


After a successful rollout in 2014, we now not only celebrate 4 years of operation, but also the largest installation worldwide of this ePaper realtime passenger information system on the streets of Copenhagen. The system runs on the MpicoSys backend with 99.999% uptime for delivering realtime data on bus arrivals to the more than 1.200 ePaper screens.

Most of the signs are solar powered and fully enjoy the low power driving of the displays by MpicoSys. One of the first IoT products within low power projects created in MpicSys’ IoT Lab. Updates are done via GSM.

Using E Ink display technology it enables remotely controlled realtime timetable information. A smart and environmentally friendly solution, which can be powered ‘off-the-grid’ by solar panels with battery backup and MpicoSys-developed intelligent battery management system. MpicoSys also developed and introduced updates in below zero (upto -15 C) in 2014. More and more cities benefit from years of experience on digital busstops, displays, introducing new displays, server setup and maintenance, data reduction and services.