New: MpicoSys extends its portfolio and introduces PicoSign 13.3″

MpicoSys introduces the new PicoSign 13,3″ to its PicoSign portfolio, originally introduced in 2015. One of the recent products designed and engineered in MpicoSys’ IoT Lab.

Key information about PicoSign 13,3″ display:

  • Screen size 13,3″
  • Available in POE and WIFI
  • Display resolution 1200×1600 px
  • Display density 150 dpi
  • External dimensions 242×310 mm
  • Active area 202.8×270.4 mm

Key items PicoSigns:

  • Now available in 3 sizes: 7.4″ – 10.2″ – 13.3″
  • Optional multiple display & tiling possibible (x-ups)
  • Internet connectivity with one user interface and a suitable connection
  • Easy publishing with free Mypicosign online software
  • Easiest using PicoSign printer driver – ‘print’ to the display

Available connectivity:

  • WI-FI connection with > 1-year battery lifetime*
  • Wired connection – Power over Ethernet (POE)

Easy to use:

  • Any application can generate an image for the displays
  • Images are distributed to the displays through PicoSign webserver
  • PicoSign comes with a free cloud server, on premises server installations are optional
  • High level of internal security measures to block hackers & eavesdroppers



PicoSign displays are RS485 prepared. Displays can be customized and functionality added to any display. An example is adding RFIDD access. Other options are: light, solar, additional batteries and charging circuitry, sensors and local memory operation.

* PicoSign 7.4 WIFI, one display update per hour, 3-minute response time and 10 hours of operational time per day.