About MpicoSys

MpicoSys foresees a future for all of us where not only green energy is generated but also people and products are using less energy. MpicoSys develops and engineers, for various companies and organisations, and its own products. Dedicated professionals who like ultra low and no power ambitions of our customers, and who developed their own ultra low power OS enabling 'narcoleptic' products using power only when awake...

Your ADVANTAGES when using MpicoSys:

  • Achieve using no or low power with strong partner in embedded systems as well as products and material
  • Work with key product partner of NXP, Eink, Pervasive displays a.o
  • Fast and cost-efficient time-to-market for
    innovative demonstrators and products
  • Modular approach and availability of modules
    with state-of-the-art technology
  • High performance and cost-optimized complete solutions
  • No need for long development time or vast NRE costs
  • Supply chain providing fast and reliable routes
    to products for small and high volume
  • Support and quality teams ensure high quality
    products and easy implementation

  • Vast network of people and companies can help you start or increase your market