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MpicoSys is a design and engineering company specialized in ultra-low-power and no-power technologies – sufficient performance with minimal energy - as well as contactless technologies for data and power  – no cables - easier-to-use devices. Next to IT security experts – from basic levels to ultimate protection in access and data - also ePaper (E ink) product professionals with over 20 years experience with E ink displays from all vendors and in-house experience over full IoT & Smart City range (HW, FW, IT, SW and UI).

MpicoSys provides design, engineering as well as production - from idea through concept to finalized product with 15+ specialists in low-power, embedded systems and an experienced supply chain, working with major players in displays and electronics offering turnkey production – available for all volumes. Besides that MpicoSys offers consultancy ( low power, embedded, IT security), engineering (low power, embedded) for products and services, standard products (e.g. PicoSign and Epaper Passenger Information System) as well as custom and customized products and projects.

By implementing Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 our commitment to efficient management translates into this policy:

  • MpicoSys is an R&D Company provides and continually improves quality of product and projects, on-time delivery and the overall service experience while meeting or exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers.

  • MpicoSys foresees a future for all of us where not only green energy is generated but also people and products are using less energy.

  • MpicoSys develops and engineers, for various companies and organizations, its own products at the highest levels of production performance and quality.

  • MpicoSys works with dedicated professionals who like ultra low and no power solutions for our customers, and who developed their own ultra low power OS enabling ‘narcoleptic’ products using power only when awake.

  • At MpicoSys we know that an inferior product can cost you money, time and credibility. In high tech development and manufacturing, the only tolerance is zero defects. We understand the importance of prompt quote response, quality product and on time delivery.

  • MpicoSys has achieved customer loyalty by practicing a policy of strong communication and working closely with customers to deliver to their exact specifications. Our investment in the best technology allows our R&D engineering department to communicate with customers efficiently throughout the design, development and manufacturing processes.

  • MpicoSys commits to review the continued suitability of this policy and continual improvement of the QMS, promotes this throughout the organization, assures compliance with all requirements and continually maintains the effectiveness of the QMS while complying with customers requirements.


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