how secure are your products

Mpicosys can help you define and prove the safety of your products.

We are a bunch of embedded specialists that does like a challenge. Also in the area of product security. How secure is - or will be - your product? How secure is a product you want to buy?

Overall product security assessment

Our way of working

With MpicoSys you will experience a holistic approach towards penetration testing that covers internal and external networks, cloud infrastructure, web applications as well as social engineering. Cyber security professionals pose as team of attack , where we will at the same time monitor and evaluate the response.

Penetration testing projects are always customized around your product and needs/requirements. Reporting is about vulnerabilities found, severity, potential impact, and proposed countermeasures.

Our Process
Our penetration testing process has the following main stages:

  1. Define requirements and scope of the test.
    Where we
    collect information and identify the areas we need to pentest and set scope for each, suggested methods, target product as well as strategy for the penetration testing.
  2. Scanning
    We perform a thorough scan of the product, to find ports and services that show poor securityed or  vulnerability.
  3. Assessment
    When identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access, intercept or steal data we use a  variety of exploitations and determine feasibility of types of attack.
  4. Exploitation
    With the target vulnerabilities identified, we then get into action. Our experts will use a specialized framework in addition to manual techniques and their own experience to launch exploits of those vulnerabilities. Gaining unauthorized access is one thing; our experts will also assess the ability to maintain that access unnoticed which signals an advanced persistent threat (APT), a significant type of risk.

Analysis and Review
The results of the penetration tests are compiled and analyzed detailing the initial findings, the vulnerabilities that were exploited, and the APTs that were identified. Our experts also put together a proposed plan of action to remediate the vulnerabilities.

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