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The Epaper Passenger Information System (EPIS) is an innovation where key competences on embedded systems, low power, eink and solar orientation come together.

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About EPIS

EPIS is perfect for timetable systems, realtime and static route information, bus traffic message boards and other public transport communication systems. The MpicoSys developed system enables , in combination with the MpicoSys solar system, working year round, of-the-grid, without changing batteries in winter.

EPIS was in 2014 the first ecological and passenger friendly technology to provide real-time information for passengers at busstops of the public transport lines in Copenhagen (DK) with 1200+ displays updated 3 to 4 times per minute - solar powered.


Our customers are value added resellers, integrators and transport companies that prefer not to invest in the demanding epaper product development, but buy from an experienced volume player in the market who continuously invests in new features, displays and ever changing components in their aim for lowest power.



Reliable and scalable system (we call it 'boring', it just works) 

Eink material: impressive paperlike readability and 180° viewing angle graphical system - anything can be shown on the displays, images, routes, info on other busstops, issues, QR-codes

Lowest power: ePaper only consumes low amount of energy when changing the image Easy deployment anywhere – off-the-grid, solar powered, place and play, ideal for remote digital busstops

SMALL sized solar panels, like 30x40 cm

Lowest power in the market – only small sized batteries needed like 25Ah

MpicoSys developed low power solar charge controller (1,2 mA iso regular 10 mA) enables years of  operation – end of life of the battery is the limit

Realtime passenger information with Lowest data rate – due to own display driving and data caching techniques

MpicoSys introduced updates at -15 C in 2014 - forget about heating, our driving is the key

10 years of server development experience – continuous server developmenyt for the largest E-Ink digital busstop  installation in the world, since 2014

Embedded approach - enables realiable and scalable products that just work

MpicoSys developed low power solar unit (1,2 mA iso regular 10 mA) enables years of  operation – end of life of the battery is the limit

MpicoSys has enabled VARs all over the world ys

No battery changes in winter - use MpicoSys developed low power solar charger

Easy connect to your CMS via rest API


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EPIS open frame IP65 display module

EPIS open frame 2G4G communication module

Solar charge controller for SLA batteries

Solar charge controller for LiPo batteries

MpicoSys solar charge controller for LiPo batteries

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