Mpicosys developed low power timing                                                                
controllers for Eink displays

MpicoSys ePaper drivers for electronic paper displays provides low power Timing Controller Solutions - TCM - ensuring reliability and scalability. Our embedded solution easy integrates with your host system, reducing costs and time-to-market.

Eink driver  by MpicoSys
Low power driver for Eink 31-2 display

Low power drivers for eink displays

  • NEW: TCM3 for 13,3" and 28" Eink displays
    • Available with graphical library
    • Available with FLASH and SRAM memory
  • TCM2 for 7.8", 9.7", 11.3", 13.3", 28", 31,2", 42" Eink displays
    • Available with FLASH and SRAM memory
  • Enables quick and easy integration with your product
  • Backwards compatible in case of component changes
  • Up to date with latest display types and technologies
  • Highy skilled engineering help for integration available
  • Own supply chain for low and high volume
  • SRAM version for epaper passenger information
  • Ask us for any other size of disp[ay on  the market!

let's work together

Challenge us for embedded low and no power products and services. We have huge experience with epaper / Eink, and a background in IT security, like hacking skills. Whether you need products designed, engineered, or delivered, we've got you covered!

Client Case

Sony and MpicoSys timing controller

MpicoSys developed new timing controller for Sony in record time

In 2013 MpicoSys developed a timing controller for a watch with Eink display in record time. Whilst Eink was developing the display MpicoSys developed a driver for a new displays. What a joy when the first displays were available for testing and the new driver functioned immediately.

Just in time to make the deadline for Christmas shoppers the new watch was avaiable for mass production.

Sony smartband - digital watch using epaper Eink material with MpicoSys driver


Reliable and scalable system (we call it 'boring', it just works) 

Lowest power in the market – MpicoSys own low power driving of the E-Ink displays and choice of communication

Realtime passenger information with lowest data rate – due to own display driving and data caching techniques

20+ Years of in-depth experience using electronic E ink paper

9 years of server development experience – like the largest E-Ink digital busstop installation in the world, since 2014

Embedded products – very reliable and highly scalable


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TCM3 including Graphical library

Drivers for Eink displays

TCM3 product sheet image

Drivers for Eink displays

TCM2 product sheet image

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