Easy to connect

  • Outdoor Eink display modules: 9.7" - 13,3" - 31.2"
  • 2G4G Communications modules
  • Solar modules
  • Online and local server option
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Outdoor Eink display:
9.7" - 13,3" - 31.2" - open frame modules

  • Integrated MpicoSys low power timing controller
    (TCM with MpicoSys waveforms)
  • State of the art frontlight
    (homogenuous, no hot-spots)
  • Available for Eink  9.7"-13.3" and 31.2" displays
  • Built in light sensor
  • IP65 protected by MpicoSys double glazing technology
13.3 DG EPIS Display Module incl frontlight and lightsensor   double glazing by MpicoSYs

2G4G LTE communication modules
Low power by MpicoSys

  • MpicoSys developed lowest power 2G4G LTE communication unit
  • Solar and battery operated
  • Standard or MQTT version
  • Support 2 or 6 displays
MpicoSys developed low power GSM communication module for realtime passenger information

Solar charge controller and battery modules – optimized for winter conditions

  • Lowest internal power consumption 1,2 mA (market standard 10 mA)
  • Highly efficient – especially in low light conditions
  • High light – 95% efficiency (market standard 60-85%)
  • Low light – 80% efficiency (market standard 0%-30%)
  • Full power telemetry over RS485
Solar charge controller by MpicoSys   small  1

Outdoor Eink display modules: 13,3" open frame


2G4G LTE communication module

Solar charger and battery modulefor SLA batteries

Solar charger and battery module for LiPo batteries

MpicoSys solar charge controller for LiPo batteries
Open frame modules

Easy integration

Reliable and scalable system (we call it 'boring', it just works) 

Eink material: impressive paperlike readability and 180° viewing angle graphical system – anything can be shown on the displays

Lowest power: ePaper only consumes low amount of energy when changing the image

Embedded products – very reliable and highly scalable

Lowest power in the market – MpicoSys own low power driving of the E-Ink displays and choice of communication, 0,25 Watt for the system

MpicoSys developed low power solar charge controller unit (1,2 mA instead of regular 10 mA) enables years of operation – end of life of the battery is the limit

Simply add your CMS via API to our server and integrate

Benefit from 9 years of server development experience – with the largest E-Ink digital bus stop installation in the world, since 2014

Readable at all temperatures, updates from -15C up to +50C

Non-intrusive light – no 'light pollution'

Modulair IP 65 system – easy to implement and install – replace existing displays

No battery changes in winter – use MpicoSys developed low power solar charger

Enjoy the advantage of Epaper technology instead of LED and OLED, no need for power to display the image any more


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