Low Power News

First IoT network using LoRa® standard in northern Poland

The first LoRa® standard wireless network became operational in the city of Gdynia in northern Poland. The network is dedicated

2 years of PicoSign solar-powered bus stop information system

After a successful rollout in 2014, we now celebrate 2 years of successful operation of this system on the streets

ICT-Energy conference presentation

Today at ICT-Energy conference in Aalborg, Denmark Mpicosys presented an invited paper entitled “An Industrial Perspective on Power-Energy-Time Tradeoffs in

Zifra ePaper numbering and identification system in Westminster Abbey, London

New Westminster Abbey chairs by Casala uses an ePaper numbering and identification system Zifra, which has been recognized with five prestigious

MpicoSys at InfoShare

MpicoSys is presenting it's products and technologies at InfoShare, the largest East-Central Europe Technology conference More info: InfoShare gdansk.pl news

World to Be Covered in Electronic Ink

MpicoSys ePaper Wall that has been created by us in the United Nations Headquarters in New York is still used

IKEA visits MpicoSys

MpicoSys has been chosen by IKEA representatives as one of three companies to present its technologies and achievements. We were

MpicoSys launches its partner program

To enlarge opportunities for embedded systems, ePaper projects and products as well as consultancy MpicoSys today launches its new partner

MPicoSys ePaper controller inside!

Christmas shopping can bring plenty of happy moments. One of these moments we have experienced in a MediaMarkt in Poland

Constructors’ Park in Gdynia

As of November 18th, 2015, Constructors’ Park was opened. This new facility, at the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard,

iArt PicoSign custom displays

For iArt designers in Switzerland MpicoSys developed customized signage for the NEST office based on our PicoSign displays. MORE CUSTOMIZED

Ticto badge presented to Flanders and Dutch Prime Ministers

MpicoSys developed Ticto badge was shown in the main news program of Belgian TV: VRT “Het journaal” Tictopass identifies those