First IoT network using LoRa® standard in northern Poland

The first LoRa® standard wireless network became operational in the city of Gdynia in northern Poland.


The network is dedicated to Internet of Things devices that use ultra-low-power radio modules, allowing several-year device operation without replacing the batteries.

Devices connected to LoRa® Gdynia network exchange data with applications running in the cloud. LoRa® Gdynia follows the worldwide trend of Low-Power Wide-Area Network installations used for Internet of Things applications.

MpicoSys Lora 1

Everyone can have a device using the LoRa® Gdynia network
LoRa® Gdynia network is established and maintained by the MpicoSys and WiRan companies that have their laboratories in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. The network coverage in urban areas, even inside the buildings, is around 30 km2. In open space areas, the coverage is as large as 450 km2. It is planned to increase the LoRa® Gdynia coverage to the whole Tricity metropolitan area (GdaƄsk, Sopot, Gdynia).

If you have a game-changing idea for an IoT device that can be used with the LoRa® network, email us at

LP-WAN: Low Power Widea Area Network
LoRa®: LP-WAN network standard, acronym of „Long Range”
IoT: Internet of Things

IoT network example applications: temperature and humidity sensors; air quality sensors; sound pollution sensors; municipal trash bins sensors; occupation sensors for public playgrounds; remote light switches; remote car park maintenance; electronic information signage; remote water supply network control; public bike systems

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