FOR E INK 9.7″, 13.3″ AND 31.2″ DISPLAYS


Ultra Low power driving for E Ink displays
Eink or ePaper is all about low power, just like MpicoSys. To enable best use power-wise we have over the years developed multiple timing controllers to drive various displays in the MpicoSys way.
Please be aware that this is not the easiest technology to work with. More and more marketing oriented companies tend to struggle and choose for our solutions.
We now have a little product family for E Ink displays, the  9.7”, 13.3” and 31.2”. And with an impressive power performance.

MpicoSys E Ink ePpaper displays TCM power consumption

MpicoSys controller for EINK 97  with display TCM2 E97

MpicoSys TCM Features
▪ Supporting the state-of-the-art E Ink panels
▪ SPI interface to host – slave device with additional /TC_EN and /TC_BUSY lines
▪ 2-bit color (4 grayscales)
▪ Complete solution including:
▫ Temperature compensation
▫ Common electrode voltage compensation
▫ All voltages needed for the display
▪ Internal image bufer retains content during system power down
▪ Flashless display update – no flashing during the image transition
▪ Partial image upload – no need to send the full image data
▪ Reduced power consumption due to reactive implementation
▪ Multiple image slots
▪ Image data checksum calculation ensuring data integrity
▪ Display update temperature override

MpicoSys TCM2 drivers for eink displays characteristics

 Update in below zero temperatures
MpicoSys was the first to introduce updates in below zero temperatures in 2014. Which meant that updating displays upto -15 C became available. A feature we have implemented in all our TCMs over the years. Ideal for realtime passenger information systems, like MpicoSys’ EPIS (Epaper Passenger Information System), having 1200+ displays in Copenhagen updating also in below zero temperatures.

Low power controllers for other sizes
We design and engineer for any displays from any (official) E Ink manufacturer. In fact we have created controllers for special displays like for a Sony watch and various other products.

COMING SOON – IP65 open frame units for outdoor use
In Q1 2019 we will introduce open frame units of display and driver in outdoor housing. Let us know when interested..

For more information on evaluation kits, with or without display contact

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