MpicoSys partners in ‘SuperIoT’ – sustainable Internet of Things – EU project

SUPERIOT is a European Union-funded research project focusing on developing sustainable and reconfigurable IoT technologies. It brings together 11 partner organisations across Europe, including universities, research institutes, and private companies. The project is coordinated by 6G Flagship at the University of Oulu. It has a budget of €5M and is scheduled to run for three years, from Q1 2023 to Q1 2026.

SUPERIOT will develop a unique IoT approach exploiting not only radio, as in conventional IoT systems, but also light. In this dual-mode operation, radio and light will provide wireless connectivity, energise the IoT nodes and support robust and precise positioning. This will result in a highly flexible IoT system that can use resources efficiently. The project aims to develop a genuinely sustainable IoT system by approaching sustainability holistically. In other words, SUPERIOT will develop an IoT system that is sustainable by design and implementation. The project plans to demonstrate that an IoT communication system (infrastructure and nodes) can be environmentally friendly.

Project description by Oulu university









More information to follow !