New housing design for PicoSign ePaper POE and WIFI updated displays.

MpicoSys introduces a new housing design for the PicoSigns, originally introduced in 2015. One of the first products designed and engineered in MpicoSys' IoT Lab.


Key items PicoSigns:

  • 2 sizes: 7.4" - 480x800 or 10.2" - 1024x1280 pixels resolution (black and white)
  • Optional multiple display & tiling possibible (x-ups)
  • Internet connectivity with one user interface and a suitable connection
  • Easy publishing with free Mypicosign online software
  • Easiest using PicoSign printer driver - ‘print’ to the display

PicoSign 74 WifI ePaper Eink display by MpicoSys

Available connectivity:
WI-FI connection with > 1-year battery lifetime
Wired connection – Power over Ethernet (POE)

Easy to use:

  • Any application can generate an image for the displays
  • Images are distributed to the displays through PicoSign webserver
  • PicoSign comes with a free cloud server, on premises server installations are optional
  • High level of internal security measures to block hackers & eavesdroppers


PicoSign displays are RS485 prepared. Displays can be customized and functionality added to any display. An example is adding RFIDD access. Other options are: light, solar, additional batteries and charging circuitry, sensors and local memory operation.

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