NEW MpicoSys developed Zifra III – new variant of Casala epaper chair numbering system

Battery free and NFC updated eink displays


This month our customer Casala was able to introduce a new member of the Zifra chair numbering system, the 3rd version of the battery-free seat numbering system, first introduced in 2009 !
Zifra III is an NFC updated display, no battery product, with architecture, design and implementation by MpicoSys. Production of tags and innovative remote is also done by MpicoSys.
Product has an award winning design, including Red Dot award

Casala wins red dot award met zifra III chair numbering system by MpicoSys

What was developed by MpicoSys

  • New tag with 1.5″ display by Holitech, 200 × 200 pixels, 27 x 27 mm active area
  • New Zifra III remote controller – handheld
  • Mobile App, for interaction with Zifra III remote

Zifra 3 for Casala epaper NFC updated digital chair numbering system  - eink based- no battery - by MpicoSys

Image: Zifra III highlighted between Zifra II digital chair numbers

Zifra’s programming is quick and easy with the remote control. Zifra has a unique technology with battery-free display, meaning no energy is used for display, and due to the contactless programming the display is maintenance-free. The Zifra numbering system is environmentally friendly, interference-free and splash proof. The displays can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. It is possible to attach the remote control to the wrist, both hands are then free to set up and number the chairs.

New Zifra III remote and MpicoSys developed App

More about Zifra
Zifra is an innovative display system that has extensive display options such as seat numbering, row numbering, letter display, names and company logos.
Depending on end customer needs, one can also create various display combinations. The displays will be seamlessly integrated in the backrests of Casala chairs.
With the unparalleled range of innovative display options Zifra can be adapted to any imaginable room lay-out. In addition, individual adaptation is possible. Whatever
event, with Zifra the visitors always find their seat and a clear layout is guaranteed.

More information on Casala’s Zifra  website

Zifra 3 remote for Casala epaper NFC updated digital chair numbering system - no battery - by MpicoSys

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