NEW: MpicoSys revolutionizes solar power charging management – enabling low power year round 24/7 operation on batteries.

Meet MpicoSys Low power Solar Charge Controller, optimized for winter.


Why develop a low power Solar Charge Controller when there are so many ?
One of the customers in the North of Europe experienced – despite using low power products from MpicoSys – a need for battery changes in winter. Research showed that next to little sunlight the battery was drained due to the power used by the charger. The charger appeared to use more power than generated by the PV – standard power consumption appeared to be 10mA – needed day and night, 24/7! Next to the fact that the charger used was optimized for summer. The efficiency of a standard charger is 80-90% in bright sunlight, 10-30% in low light conditions.
Hence the need for a low power solar charger, optimized for winter for digital (remote) bus stops, or any other passenger information..

MpicoSys low power Solar Charge controller - optimized for womter - enables off-the-grid with SLA batteryImage: MpicoSys Low power Solar Charge controller

MpicoSys Low power Solar Charger highlights
• Nominal Battery Voltage
• Rated charge current 3.2A
• Rated discharge currents 5A
• Battery input voltage 8-17
• Solar open circuit voltage 35V
• Guarding Common Negative
• IP55 enclosure
• Dimension without cables (mm) 67x54x24
• Power consumption 1.5 mA
• Available for SLA batteries as well as Lithium

• Multi chemistry and multi cell options
• High efficiency in low light conditions – 80% and above!
• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
• Battery Temperature compensation
• RS485 for monitoring and control.

The Solar Charger is sold (and best used) in combination with the realtime Epaper Passenger Information System, like for digital busstops, where telemetry enables all info on performance and health of solar panel, solar charger and battery, all available via API.
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