NEW: MpicoSys, the first to introduce ePaper in busstops, now sets the standard in low power Passenger Information with the new EPIS product line.

Buy from the best and mosty experienced - first and largest installed base - on the street since 2014.


Updates for busstops in below zero temperatures since 2014

MpicoSys also developed and introduced updates in below zero (upto -15 C) in 2014 at bussstops in Copenhagen (DK). Earlier this year this was the only ePaper based system (of three) that survived during tests in harsh conditions of winter in Warsaw (PL).

  • All new ePaper displays: 9.7”, 13.3” and 31.2” E Ink displays
  • The only fully customizable system
  • Updates at low and high outside temperatures
  • Highly flexible, any image, anytime
  • No infrastructure required – works ‘off the grid’
  • Lowest power consumption in the market
  • Choose for mains or solar powered displays
  • Modular system – IP65
    • Available as complete products as well as open frame modules
  • Ideal for low power requiring remote bus stops

Simply add functionality and design

As a design and engineering company, MpicoSys is an expert in providing additional functionality. The built-in RS 485 enables driving other products (e.g. environmental sensors), additional buttons and functionality like text to speech, enlarge text and messaging. Additional design options are front finishes: bored, stamped, engraved or printed.

MpicoSys EPIS realtime epaper   eink   passenger information system

Scaling to hundreds of devices is a challenge

Imagine what you learn being the first? Solving hardware issues and facing server challenges for really large amounts of devices: data consistency, performance, optimized latency, GSM connection issues handling, connecting CMS, redundancy and backup, data reduction for realtime information. All resulting in the current robust system we offer to our customers.
One can say we have seen it all (and solved it).

Largest ePaper Passenger Information installation worldwide

MpicoSys has an established installed base since 2014 in Denmark, when updating ePaper displays at busstops in below zero temperatures was introduced. In the modern city of Copenhagen over 1.000 solar powered ePaper displays provide passenger information, updated every minute by MpicoSys servers, the largest installation worldwide (according to E Ink).

Benefit from 5 years of experience with ePaper busstops

Now benefit from years of experience on updating electronic paper displays, introducing new displays, server setup and maintenance, data reduction and services.

 Contact for more information.

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