Use eink’s low power in best possible way..

Introducing first 3rd generation Timing Controller Modules – TCM3 for Eink 28″


Yes, be aware that using epaper for signage does not mean low power and using eink material at its best.
The MpicoSys Timing Controller Solutions provides its first driver of its third generation of low power drivers for large size panel 28” from E Ink.
Offered as fully-assembled PCB module (Timing Controller Module – TCM), the solution allows a quick and easy integration with your host system, minimizing your cost and time-to-market.

Interfaces are SPI, and – new in the TCM 3 series – RS485. The controller offers Flash as well as SRAM memory, available independently.

MpicoSys TCM Solutions are designed to take full advantage of ePaper’s low power capability. Thanks to the energy-efficient architecture, MpicoSys Timing Controllers consume very little power during operation also due to use of MpicoSys own waveforms. Moreover the device switches off completely when the display does not need an update, consuming less energy than other driving solutions.

MpicoSys low power TCM   using MpicoSys waveforms for EINK 28 displays in SRAM


Single board driving solution including:

  • Temperature compensation
  • All voltages needed for the display
  • Frontlight/Lightsensor support
  • Backward compatible with older MpicoSys TCM’s using SPI interface/command set
  • Additional functionality over RS485 interface:
  • Longer cable length with host
  • Partial display updates
  • Image generation with on-board graphical library (1 bit, optional)
  • USB interface for easy evaluation
  • Both volatile and non-volatile memory slots independently accessible
  • SRAM memory size 64Mb (8MB)
  • Flash memory size 1 Gb (128MB)
  • Internal image buffer retains content during system power down
  • Image data checksum calculation ensuring data transfer integrity
  • Multiple MpicoSys waveforms (flashed and flashless) and color depths (1 bit, 2 bit, 4 bit)

MpicoSys low power TCM   using MpicoSys waveforms   for EINK 28 displays

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