NFC updated Eink badges and signs replacing regular paper

Adding epaper to labels is something we do since 2006 - and earlier whilst working for Philips. With a vast track record, epaper knowledge and IT security expertise MpicoSys offers consultancy projects and full product development as well as production of small and large volumes.

           Segmented Eink added to NFC updated card label - 2006

We offer many years of experience in design and engineering as well as
support on production of cards. With the PicoLabel we have a range of labels that reflects our competence, also in use of smartcard or passport grade security. As NXP gold partner we have access to all products and knowledge of NXP products.

         NFC updated display - incl fingerprint - project 2008

Mpicosys Pico Label Badge Hanger ePaper no battery ePaper label NFC updated

         PicoLabel - NFC updated label

Digital chair numbers - NFC updated

Zifra 3 for Casala epaper NFC updated digital chair numbering system  - eink based- no battery - by MpicoSys
          Zifra III amongst Zifra I and II

In 2009 we were asked by our customer Casala to help replace their chair numbers, for chairs used for large venues - often temporarily (imagine being after chair number 743). MpicoSys developed a no battery system, NFC updated, just put the chairs in a row and use a handheld device to update the numbers. Read more in our ZIFRA customer story.

        Zifra III reader and App

We searched for long time to find a reliable NFC updated epaper display like PicoLabel, as a hospital as end customer is using it for bedside information." (customer from Taiwan)

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