EVK – Ultra Low Power TCM2 driver board – Evaluation Kit for Eink 13.3” B/W ED133UT2 – with display

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The MpicoSys TCM2_E133 development kit enables low power applications that make the most of the low-power operation of the E Ink 13.3” display, allowing even a battery operated product. Power consumption can be as low as 76mJ for a quality 2 bit update. The kit consists of TCM board, USB2TCM interface, Micro-USB cable, Eink ED133UT2 display and 2 hours of specialistic design-in support (planned, EU hours).

MpicoSys TCM2-133 driving kit is dedicated for driving ED133UT2 display module (included).


Package content

  • TCM board
  • USB2TCM interface
  • Micro-USB cable
  • E Ink 13.3″ display ED133UT2
  • 2 hours of specialistic ultra low power design-in support (planned, EU hours)



Processor STM32F446RET6
180 MHz
EPDC MpicoSys proprietary integrated controller
SRAM Memory 128 KB
Onboard Flash 32Mbit
IO Interface SPI
Debug Interface N/A
Network N/A
SD/MMC connector N/A
Resolution 1600×1200
Density (DPI) 150
Gray Level 2 bits
Image format EPD, DLZ
Demo Function USB2TCM interface
Power Input Pin header, 2.7-3.6 VDC


Typical Energy consumption per single image upload/update during 1 sec TCM2_E133
Flashless, 1bit 85 mJ
Quality, 2 bit 76 mJ


MpicoSys TCM2 developer manual view online