Eink technology experts since 2002

MpicoSys has been in the forefront of using E ink technology in labels, tags, WIFI and POE updated displays and passenger information with more to come.

Since the start of the millennium, Peter Slikkerveer, our CEO, has been  involved in the start of Eink technology during his assignment at Philips in the Netherlands, development of the first eBook. There his journey began with electronic ink technology.

In 2004, Peter was joined at Philips by Pawel Musial, our CTO, with a shared mission to push Eink innovation, using his IT innovations in driving of displays. With the development of displays for Sony's first eBook, marking a special moment in the evolution of Eink technology.

In 2006 they founded MpicoSys, a company for low power experts, creating products with EInk material that are not energy-hungry at all.

13.3 PicoSign   no background         MpicoSys 13.3" WIFI and POE updated PicoSign

Eink evolved
Over the years, Epaper technology has undergone remarkable improvements. From a variety of sizes and the speed of updates and contrast ratios from 6:1 to an impressive 15:1.

The landscape of Eink displays has expanded, with panel sizes ranging from a petite 1.1 inches - used in ESL, electronic price tags - to an impressive 42 inches - used for information displays. This versatility empowered MpicoSys to develop diverse applications, and help create new markets like ESL, use of electromic paper realtime in passenger information and NFC updated - no battery - chair numbers.

           MpicoSys 31.2" driving technology @ Bodoni museum

Eink today - color!
Today, the horizon of Eink technology is in color when Eink company unveiled next to their Kaleido product the latest breakthrough: Eink Spectra 6. This innovation brings improved color to electronic ink displays, rivaling traditional laser prints. Positioned as the future of sustainable signage, Spectra 6 enables a new era of visually captivating and environmentally friendly displays.

Eink Kaleido 13.3 display image

But our journey doesn't end here. We foresee a future where advertisers acknowledge the need for going green and leave traditional - energy hungry -  LED and OLED technologies behind. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we remain strong in our commitment to shaping a more colorful, sustainable world in out of home displays.

With one of the owners involved in epaper since the first ebook at Philips in 2002, we do have key expertise, like being first to introduce updates below zero temperature in 2014..

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