Internet of Things - Sustainable IoT

In a world of connectivity MpicoSys tries to lead in simplifying device integration. With innovative solutions, devices that seamlessly connect anywhere, whether it's through WIFI, 2G4G GSM, or even your mobile phone.

IoT and epaper in office, hotel, hospitals

One of our indoor signage products, PicoSign, was the first connect-and-play epaper display. Updated easily via WIFI or POE (Power over Ethernet), PicoSign did sets a standard for convenience and efficiency. In offices for any kind of information on the walls, in hotels for customer information (like the weather) and hospitals (bedside information and doorsigns - who works where).

13.3 PicoSign   no background

IoT and passenger information

But our reach extends beyond individual devices. In Copenhagen, Denmark, MpicoSys enabled the implementation of CDM, a real-time passenger information system with over 1,100 displays. Through 2G4G (GSM) communication, these displays are connected, providing commuters with up-to-the-minute information.

SUPERIOT project

We are partners of the SUPERIOT project, where we are tasked with integrating gained insights, such as low-power approaches and protocols, into the development of new sustainable products and printed electronics.

The SUPERIOT project aims to develop an IoT communication system using radio and light and a unique holistic approach to sustainability. We believe IoT can be sustainable by:
✔ design,
✔ implementation,
✔ usage,
✔ and disposal.

Read more in our client case.

At MpicoSys, we're not just shaping the future — we're defining it. Join us as we pave the way for the next generation of connected technologies.

MpicoSys has an interesting view on low power, as they look at what is technically possible, and often makes it happen, they are not lead by fear of failure.

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1a solar power

At MpicoSys, we redefine efficiency, and when it comes to harnessing solar power, we are leading the charge. While many opt for fixed solar systems optimized for peak performance only in the summer, we at MpicoSys have a different approach. We understand the importance of maximizing solar energy utilization throughout the year, especially in winter months.

2a battery power

At MpicoSys, we offer battery-powered standard and custom products. With our commitment to sustainability our approach ensuring that we minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency.

3a embedded

We specialize in creating highly reliable products. Our goal is to minimize power usage as much as possible. That is why we focus on powerful combination of ePaper and embedded technology – the most efficient solution in electronics.


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