IT and product security

We take security into consideration from the design phase all the way through development, production, delivery and beyond.

Ensuring Product IT Security with MpicoSys

At MpicoSys, we understand the importance of product security in today's interconnected world. Our commitment is strong: products must be fortified against unauthorized access, tampering and eavesdropping.

When it comes to product security, encryption and authentication form the basis of our approach. These fundamentals serve as robust barriers, safeguarding against unwanted intrusion and unauthorized alterations. We leave no stone unturned in implementing strong measures to prevent unauthorized access or modifications.

Fortifying products

Beyond basic security measures, we go the extra mile to fortify products against potential takeovers. Our team is constantly innovating, exploring novel techniques to pre-actively hinder any hostile attempts at infiltration. This proactive way of working ensures that our products remain impervious to external threats.

Fingerprint spoofing project

One notable project on our radar is the Fingerprint Spoofing initiative, where we went deep into biometric security, help defend against sophisticated ways of attack, such as fingerprint spoofing.

One notable project on resumer is the Fingerprint Spoofing initiative. Are you aware that you can buy 'your fingerprint' - as a sleeve for any other to use it?   By diving into biometric security, we advised on products' defenses against sophisticated ways of fingerprint spoofing.

Our security tools

In our arsenal of tools, we foresee a comprehensive suite designed to strengthen product security:

  1. Choice of Architecture: We meticulously select architectures that prioritize security without compromising performance. Each architectural decision is made with the singular goal of enhancing product resilience against cyber threats.
  2. Protective Measures: Our approach encompasses multi-layered protection strategies for both servers and devices. Servers are fortified to withstand relentless attacks, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity. Devices are rendered "unhackable" through embedded architectures fortified with additional layers of authentication and encryption.

Considering your product idea or existing product, MpicoSys offers tailored consultancy services focused on architecture, IT, and IT security. Our expertise extends to assessing embedded advantages and devising strategies to leverage them for enhanced security.

Overall product security assessment

Boost your product defences by friendly hacking

Furthermore, we provide friendly hacking services, offering extensive product IT security assessments. Through rigorous testing and ethical hacking practices, we uncover vulnerabilities and provide actionable insights to boost your product's defences.

With MpicoSys at your side, rest assured that your products are not just secure. Partner with us to elevate your product security to unprecedented levels.

Do you want to check how secure is your product?
We can help you with that!

We do not want the internet to become hostile

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